dn42 peering

This page provides the information to peer with me in the dn42 network.

Official dn42 website


This is jlxip, operator of AS4242422896, fd00:caca:caca::/48, My (only) node is in Granada, Spain. Its bandwidth is 1Gbps symmetrical.

Peering requests

Please mail the address you should be able to figure out from the Contact link in the homepage. If you can't figure it out, you can get my email from the dn42 registry.


I exlusively support wireguard as the tunneling medium. It would be cool to use transoceanic cables but I'm afraid they're not at my disposition.

Consider XXXX as the last four digits of your Autonomous System number. Then:

  • My wireguard endpoint will be: dn42.jlxip.net:5XXXX (IPv4 only)
  • My link-local IPv4 will be: 169.254.XX.XX/32
  • My link-local IPv6 will be: fe80::caca:XXXX/128

  • Official wireguard website


    I support Multiprotocol BGP (RFC 4760), Extended Next Hop (RFC 5549), and Extended Messages (RFC 8654).

    RFC 4760
    RFC 5549
    RFC 8654

    Looking glass

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